Meet the Maverick


Hey, There. My name’s Jesi. I’m somewhat of a Maverick. My mom says I’m just contrary.

adjective ˈkäntrerē/
perversely inclined to disagree or to do the opposite of what is expected or desired.
“she is sulky and contrary where her work is concerned”
synonyms: perverse, awkward, difficult, uncooperative, unhelpful, obstructive, disobliging, recalcitrant, willful, self-willed, stubborn, obstinate, defiant, mulish, pigheaded, intractable
I drive a minivan maxi-van. Because I have so many kids…and I really love ellipses.
Let me tell you a little story…

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Once upon a time there was a girl.  She met a really good-looking guy who went to the same church and they fell in love.  They traveled and had a good time for a while and then decided to start a family. 

Dave and Jesi Wedding Kiss



Pretty soon, a little girl joined them.  Then another and another and… you guessed it, one more after that. 


Hailey, Hannah, Hope and Harleigh

Hailey, Hannah, Hope and Harleigh

They felt like it was important to teach their little girls themselves and decided to keep them at home.  They bought a little hobby farm and started living the dream.  They got horses and goats and chickens and dogs and filled their quiver full.


Casa de Maverick


Then something C-R-A-Z-Y happened. They thought it would be cool to try for just one more human. At that point, they pretty much assumed ‘it’ would be a girl. And that was a-okay. They already had plenty of panties and dolls and tampons. But…they felt like it would be super-cool if ‘it’ had a penis.

Turns out, ‘it’ came with two penises. And heads and noses and belly buttons. ‘They’ were mono-di identical twin boys. The girl and boy and little girls’ boat was rocked and roiled beyond their wildest dreams.



The dual-weenies were the best, worst thing to ever happen to them. They felt like they simultaneously won the lottery and got struck by lightening. 

Aviary Photo_131562892049162173

They had to buy a ranch just to store their collection of children and animals and sang to themselves everyday…”…just keep swimming…just keep swimming…”

House frontPond Chico







These are the annals of the girl’s frazzled brain as she navigates the world through the lens of a tired, thirty-something, over-whelmed, over-worked, farming, homeschooling, paleo-eating, determined-to-live-life-intentionally-and-love-it, harried woman in the ever-confusing 21st century.


Aviary Photo_131562273838609483

3 thoughts on “Meet the Maverick

  1. Hello cousin Maverick, my husband is actually related to your husband. My husband’s dad is Cy Lewis, who recently passed away in 2012. Cy was the oldest brother to the 16 Lewis Siblings of Ruth and David Lewis. We live in very liberal Oregon, and welcome all walks of “crunchy” in our midst. In fact, Cousin Eileen sent us your blog link. I would love to join your tribe, well since we are related and should stick together. I don’t home school because I am a teacher, but I do use oils for healing (lack of health care options that I like and can afford). Send me updates and keep us in the loop. Perhaps there is much to learn from our hippie country maverick cousins 🙂


    Jesi Reply:

    Welcome, Lewis Clan! So glad to hear from you and love that you live in Oregon. I have many a crunchy bloggin’ friend in Oregon and love the crunchiness of that state! Subscribe on the front page of my blog and I will keep you in the loop! Thanks for the read and comment.


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