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We may have to start calling our shenanigans “Tales from the Chapel” because the boys made it through by the skin of their teeth today! 🎉

We had to leave a couple times because of reaching Howler Monkey status, but since they’re old enough to “control their bodies” as we like to call it, we leave, have a very unhappy time sitting on mommy’s lap in the foyer and then go back in and try again.

They have a new trick, though. It’s called, “If I roll, throw or kick the item far enough away, mommy or I must retrieve it and that’s sort of fun”.

It works like this; Twin rolls sippy cup into the aisle. Mommy holds his wrist while he stretches to pick it up. Then twin rolls the cup as if it were a bowling ball to get it further from his grip, thus requiring mommy to either get up herself to retrieve it, or, best case scenario, release twin to run freely up the aisle and escape whilst pretending to fetch the rolled sippy cup.

It’s a fun game for twins and empty nesters whose babies are all gone and enjoy reliving the struggle of toddlers vicariously through the little devils of others.

In other news, Hailey earned her Young Womanhood Recognition Award at church today. (An accomplishment akin to Eagle Scout) She received her pendant and had a reception. We’re so blessed to be surrounded and supported by our family and our church family. We truly have a fantastic village to help us raise our children.

We’re so proud of you, Hailey. ❤️

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