Bad Baby Room

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You know, if you ever question if dads are necessary, I whole heartedly can assure you, they are. ❤️

Daddy is in Houston with Uncle Davey helping with clean up after Hurricane Harleigh (she totally thought “Harvey” was Harleigh and named after her). So, we were Daddy-less at church.

Sure, I can handle it all. Baths and feeding and chasing with wooden spoons…I got this. But there is something about having Daddy around that causes Hayden and Hudson to have just a little more consideration in their Bad Babyings. They are a little less “Fight Club” and a little more “Brady Bunch” when he’s looking over their shoulders.

Also, after church I went ahead and got ready to hop into the passenger seat of the van to be chauffeured home…then realized I was the only licensed driver present and slunk around to get in the driver’s seat.

Selection of pictures for your enjoyment:

1. I told Hayden and Hudson to show me how to say a prayer- Hudson has it down…Hayden…not so much.

2. Second time they got it.

3. They are really slippery. They figured out it’s really hard to catch them when they army crawl under the pews.

4. Sitting in the foyer, trying to control their bodies while Jesus lovingly watches.

5. Daddy and Uncle Davey and the rest of our church family representing Decatur in the Houston clean up. So proud.

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