Convos with Hannah – Our Goats’ Souls Are Falling Out!

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Funny conversations I have with my kids.














Facts to make this post decipherable:

  1. We really like the movie “Dumb and Dumber” in our house. My kids can recite the lines word for word.
  2. We recently had a favorite family goat pass away suddenly from unknown causes.
  3. My husband was recently laid off from his job.


    I’m cooking dinner and discussing the passing away of Julie the Goat with eight year old Hannah.


    Hannah – Mommy, why is it always my favorite animal that dies? (this is sadly true)


    Me – I know it’s so sad and I’m so sorry. Unfortunately, farm life is sometimes difficult and when you have as many animals as we do, something is bound to happen at some point.


    Hannah – I know. You told me that. But I don’t like it and it makes me sad.


    Me – (hugging Hannah) I love you, Teet. (another unfortunate nick-name in our family)


    Hannah – (backs away and raises her arms in the air) We got no job, we got no rent, our pets’ SOULS ARE FALLING OUT!!”


If this makes no sense to you, let me introduce you to my friends, Lloyd and Harry.

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