Fun, Old Fashioned Family Christmas Album

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What do you get when you add up nine cousins, five moms and dads, a Grammy and a Grampy and 17 days of Fun, Old Fashioned Family Christmas?

One epic ugly Christmas sweater family photo, that’s what.

Oh…and an over-flowing septic tank and sewer pipes clogged with a giant, greasy Yule Log.

oh, and a Grammy riding a Wiggle Car. She said her physical therapy was really paying off. I guess she’s right.

Then there’s Christmas jammies.

Trampoline = My favorite gift.

And since we’ve added THE MOST adorable Latina I’ve ever met to our cousin line-up, we had to make tamales and whack a piñata a little bit. (Of course, the dads always enjoy piñatas slightly more than the children)

And I made the world’s largest cinnamon roll. It was glorious.

Then, when it gets really cold and icy in Texas on New Year’s Eve, they cancel church. But you’re already dressed up and have nowhere to go, so you force everyone to submit to another fun, old fashioned family Christmas photo.

Your red, glistening face, sweaty armpits, barking of orders of where to stand and where to place all the squirmy little mitts were totally worth capturing this little gem of a memory.

Man, did we ever party hard this holiday season! It was an incredible family affair that won’t soon be forgotten or repeated. 🙂

And no, my friends, I am not pregnant. That there is a prime-cut, grade A, first class Christmas Food Baby.

Oh…and in true Randalls/Abernathy form, there was poop. Lots of poop. And Holy Geese that walk on water.

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