Funny Friday – Convos with Hailey – Are We Hippies?

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At home, we do our best to eat clean, use as few chemicals as possible and be as “green”as we can. This means we eat grass-fed meat, drink raw milk and use oils and herbs instead of pills and chemicals.

Recently, Hailey came to me and asked what hippies were. Our conversation went something like this…

Hailey – Mommy, what are hippies?

Me – Well, originally they were the kids of the 60’s and 70’s who did a lot of drugs and pushed love and not war. I heard once that the way they became known as “hippies” was because they were injecting drugs into themselves in their hips and butts and would frequently show up in medical offices with abcesses from using dirty needles and getting infections. So, doctors referred to them as “hippies”.

Hailey – (wide eyed) Hmmm.

Me – But I also read it was shortened from “hipster”. Like, you know, cool, modern.

Hailey – What did they eat?

Me – Well, these days I think of hippies as people who like to eat natural food, practice natural healing, smoke marijuana – wear sandals. That kind of thing.

Hailey – and dreadlocks?

Me – Yep, dreadlocks.

Hailey – (looking confused and a little concerned) We eat natural and do holistic health…are we hippies?

Me – Do you smoke marijuana and wear Birkenstocks?

Hailey – What are Birkenstocks?

Me – Nevermind. I don’t think we’re hippies.

Hailey – That’s good, ’cause I’m pretty sure dreadlocks and smoking drugs is a bad idea.

Me – I think you’re right.


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