Funny Friday – Convos with Hailey – Santa’s Pelvis

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We were recently having a discussion about the things we really liked at Christmas. You know, decorating the tree, Christmas music, leaving cookies out for Santa. That sort of thing. Which is nice in Texas when it’s over 90 degrees in June.

We’ve never really been much into the mall Santa visiting thing. We’ve done it a couple times, but waiting in a ridiculously long line to hand my kids over to sit on a stranger’s lap for a picture just never seemed like a priority. Also, I’d rather slide down a razor blade with no pants on than go to the mall during the holidays.

I actually searched through my computer for digital proof of the last time we visited a mall Santa and it was 2008. Oh well. My kids can accuse me of ruining their childhood with that one later.

Anyhow, during the aforementioned conversation relishing our Christmas memories, Hailey brought up mall Santas.

Hailey – Mommy, I’ve never really understood the whole sitting on Santa’s lap thing. I mean, he’s not really Santa.

Me – Yeah, it’s a little weird, I must admit. But people like it, I guess.

Hailey – Do you think kids really like it?

Me – I guess some do. Why?

Hailey – Well, don’t you think it’s a little gross?

Me – Gross? Why would it be gross?

Hailey – You know, young children sitting on a grown man’s pelvical region for really no reason? (she says this while doing a slight air-hump and making air-traffic-controller hands toward her groin area)

Good point, Hailey. Good point.


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