Funny Friday – Convos Kids Have With Each Other

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By the time most of you read this, it will be Saturday. So it will not be a Funny Friday, but a late Funny Friday Saturday. And it may not be funny at all. It was funny to me at the time it happened. You be the judge.

Hannah (7) and Hope (4) were recently having a conversation about safety and fire escape routes and so forth. At some point, the conversation took an interesting turn.

Hannah – Hopie, what would we do if a robber came into our house? You know, like knocked on the door and then actually came in?

Hope – Well, I don’t know but I think Daddy would shoot him.

Hannah – Well, let’s pretend that we’re orphans home alone and we’re hiding in the closet and a robber comes. (Pauses briefly) I think I would reason with him. I would tell him to stop wine and to not do drugs anymore. And to also remember the faith of his childhood and stop robbing orphans.

Hope – (the wheels grinding hard) Well, I’d kick him in the nuts and escape in the truck.


And there you have it. A fool-proof plan for averting a robbery.


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