Funny Friday – Convos with Hailey – Showers and Boob Talk

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One afternoon, when I had miraculously carved out a few minutes to take a shower, (alone, I might add) I had asked my ten year old to be in charge of the baby. When I was just wrapping up my glorious private bathing time, Hailey came in toting a whiny baby.

As if by radar, both their eyes gravitated to my boobs. Hailey wore a look of comic contemplation while Harleigh was clearly annoyed that her lunch was so nearby but not close enough for acquisition. As I dried off, they both stared intently with their differing motives and finally drove me to self-consciously cover myself with a towel. I asked if she had a question or otherwise needed to be interrupting my “me time”.

She stammered and smiled amusedly, shifting the baby from hip to hip. This is our proceeding conversation’s transcript.

(Keep in mind Hailey is a very thoughtful and empathetic little girl and is one to try and never hurt another person’s feelings. This conversation was carried out entirely without malice. {I think})


Hailey: Hmmm. Your boobs. (points and smiles quizzically) I mean, Mommy, imagine if you didn’t wear a bra. (giggles to herself as if imagining me trotting around bra-less) What would happen?

Me: Well, it would be like that documentary we watched on those rural tribes in Papua New Guinea.

Hailey: (Raises eyebrows and seriously considers this) I’m really glad you wear bras.

Me: You and I both, sister. It would not be comfortable. Especially when I’m nursing, like now.

Hailey: (points again at my left boob) It’s really…long. I mean, can you like put it over your shoulder? (with a look of complete innocence and no malice {I think})

Me: I’m sure I could. But the question is – do I want to?

Hailey: (turns to leave) No, I don’t think you do.



Photo © 2013 Jesi Abernathy

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