Halloween: Abernathy Style

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What does Elsa + Little Red Riding Hood + Kim Possible + Iron Man + Fifties girl (or “office worker”, as Harleigh described her costume) + Grumpy Old Men = ?

Halloween, Abernathy Style.

Happy Halloween from two grumpy, little old men.

They’ve looked like they were 95 years old since they were born, so it was only fitting.

It was pretty much the best day of their lives. A contraption to drag around while they walked

and people handing them candy at every turn.

I have a little story about twins:

Once upon a time, you only ever have one coat and three shoes when you need to leave the house.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Oh wait…


It’s costume day at homeschool co-op.

Costumes last about 2.5 seconds on the twins so…here’s a little throwback from their first Halloween.

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