Why I hid in the fitting rooms when I worked in retail

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When I was in college, I worked at a popular clothing store (which shall remain nameless but rhymes with knuckle) and absolutely loathed it. I usually ended up hiding in the fitting rooms as much as possible.

One day, I accidentally wore a shirt which had the logo of a competing store on the front to work and all hell broke loose. Those girls were scurrying around squawking like hens trying to figure out what to do. I rolled my eyes and zipped up my hoodie. Problem solved.

  1. I’m not into fashion. If my bits and pieces are covered – that’s as fashionable as I get.
  2. I hate selling things. Especially if it’s things no one needs like “body conscious tees” and camel-toe stretch pants.
  3. Working on commission stresses me out worse than anything you could imagine. The pressure is just too much. (Let’s put it this way, I’m not entirely sure I sold one thread of clothing while working there)

So why in the world would I go out in full force hawking yet another e-book bundle flying around on the web?

Because this bundle is AWESOME and I wish everyone would read these books to help make positive changes in their health and lifestyle, that’s why!

Here’s what you get:


Have PMS, Eczema, gluten sensitivities, shin splints, heartburn or too much clutter? Want to learn more about homesteading, losing weight, curing your insomnia or getting in shape? Want to feed your kids healthy food and actually get them to EAT IT?

Included in the bundle; cookbooks, holiday and DIY craft guides, urban homesteading books, fitness and weight loss books, and books for specific problems like eczema, slow metabolism, and heartburn.

If you bought all these separately…$985.

You also get:

Price of these normally? $277

But wait…there’s more!

15 podcasts from all my Real Food Superstars! These podcasts are seriously awesome! If you bought them all ala cart? $45

Keep going…

Yes, all included in one low price. Meal plans and magazines.

And one last thing to tickle your fancy-bone…

Ok, so I know this is like one of those Ninja Blender infomercials where you’re sitting and wondering, “How much is all this? You’ve shown me it’s going to make me prettier, taller and do my laundry – told me it’s worth almost $2,000…what’s bottom line?”

So easy, so cheap. You’ll be one your way to your New Year’s Resolutions long before January rears her ugly head!

Hurry though, because like all infomercials, this deal is only good through Friday, November 7th!


Disclosure here cmp.ly/4 and cmp.ly/5.

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