Land of the Free? Next thing I know I’ll be wearing gov’t issued underwear

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Am I from Generation:Rotten?

Perhaps I’m just a part of the “me” generation and I’m so caught up in myself that I’m being dramatic. Possibly, I’m just too young and selfish to realize my freedom and adequately appreciate it. Maybe I’ve been raised in a generation that has forgotten patriotism and love of country.

Let me preface my thoughts by saying that I fully recognize and appreciate the soldiers in our military – the little people that carry out the agenda for the big people. I know that they fight and die for “our freedom” and I am grateful for their sacrifice. Whether they are actually fighting for “our freedom” or some more abstruse political agenda, I’m not sure. If they’ve been duped into dying under the illusion of protecting our freedom when really they’re carrying out a plan of world domination for a dictatorship, I’m not really sure.

Whose fault is it?

Lately, I’ve been very disillusioned with our country and our government. As I look around me at the masses of “sheeple” blindly following our enlightened leaders and doing everything they say from giving a baby 28 vaccines to believing what our skewed media propagates, it gives me little hope for the future. The more I learn and research, the more I realize that George Orwell had it right in Nineteen Eighty Four. There was a government department whose sole job was rewriting the news (past and present) to make it align with what the inner party wanted the people to know and believe. Do I have any doubt that the “news” is misrepresented and tainted to disseminate a political agenda? Heck no.

As my discontent grows, with increasing instances of government scandals and whistle blowing, I ponder, is this freedom? With the government dictating everything we do, trapping us under their thumbs with handouts for the poor and punishing taxes for the working, telling us what we can or can’t eat and what we can or cannot teach our children, how can we profess know what freedom really is?

I know our country’s plight not solely the fault of our government. We live in a time where common sense and decency are not so common; a place where immorality and dishonesty run rampant so our government must act as national hall monitors to keep the general population under control. What we need is less government and more good citizens. We need to wake up, take care of ourselves and our own, teach and guide our children, return to honesty and values. A novel idea would be to stop trying to find ourselves and find our families instead. If, as a society we focused more on doing the right thing and cultivating and using our good sense, we wouldn’t need some highly paid official to tell us when to fart, what to eat or where to put our babies to sleep.

Are you a regular law breaker?

As I ponder freedom and farting, lying sleepless at night, I think of all things that on a daily basis frustrate me. I often consider the fact that most of us break the law on a daily basis and either don’t know or don’t care. Our laws have become so numerous and convoluted that we don’t even know if something is illegal or not.

For instance, did you know if you own more than six sexual toys in Texas, you’re breaking the law? The Encyclopedia Britannica is also banned in Texas because it contains a formula for making beer at home. Yes, dear people and in Connecticut you can be stopped for biking over 65 miles per hour and in Washington state, if you’re a motorist with criminal intentions, you must stop at the city limits and phone the Chief of Police to notify him that you are entering the city. You can’t make this stuff up! I’m so glad my taxes go to support the big brains that come up with this garbage.

Now, some real life examples of the idiocy of our government.


We know a family that recently had a well dug on their property of seven acres. They got the proper permits, hired a reputable company and had a well dug. The water has been tested and is pure and healthy to be consumed and used for any household use. The caveat? They are not allowed to use their well for normal household usage because they live within city limits and are required to use the municipal water source.

Mind you, in the last two years or so, they have received countless correspondence from the city warning residents of contaminated water that requires boiling before consuming. This city’s water tastes like it came from a lake full of dead fish and is unsafe to drink, yet they are required use it and pay for it even after they paid some $8,000 to have a well dug. (which I’ll remind you is perfectly legal in their city and they were issued a permit to dig it before they began) They are allowed to use their well to water their grass and fill their pool, but nothing else. Come on! What kind of place do we live in that forces us to pay for and use poisoned water when we have a pure water source right on our own property? It all comes down to the money, I’m sure.


Each state has its own laws regarding the sale of raw milk. (unpasteurized and straight from the cow) I won’t get into the virtues of raw milk in this post, but you can read my rant here. We live in Texas and it’s legal to sell raw milk directly from the farm. So, I trot myself 20 miles north to our raw milk Jersey dairy once a week and buy five gallons for my family. Our dairy farmer is Mr. Clifford and he comes out and helps me carry my milk to my van. I can watch him milk the cows and see them on pasture and know where my milk comes from. Why on earth would this be illegal? Have you ever read or seen how commercial milk is produced? I dare you to Google it.

Vernon Hershberger, an Amish farmer in Wisconsin has been endlessly harassed by our government regarding the fresh, whole raw foods he provides to his private buying club. (i.e. people who knowingly and willingly purchase healthy, unpasteurized food for their families by entering into an animal lease agreement with a farmer). This is taken from

On June 2, 2010, representatives of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) conducted a raid at the Vernon Hershberger farm. DATCP agents intentionally destroyed nearly 300 gallons of fresh milk by pouring blue dye into the bulk tank, claiming the milk was “adulterated and misbranded”—even though there was no logical, factual, or scientific basis for this conclusion. The milk was unpasteurized, as is all milk on all farms that is stored in bulk tanks. The agents then placed a holding order on all the fresh, wholesome food in coolers on the property, most
of which belonged to members of the Hershberger’s private buying club, and some of which belonged to the Hershberger family.

Mr. Hershberger then faced a serious dilemma: allow the wholesome, perishable food to go to waste while he engaged in lengthy administrative wrangling with DATCP or allow the rightful owners of the property to take it from the coolers.
Mr. Hershberger followed his conscience and allowed the owners to retrieve their food. Vernon Hershberger’s religious principles prevented him from standing by, while nutritious food rotted.

I ask again, what kind of place do we live in that would advocate the disgusting commercial milk industry and punish people doing the right thing and providing nutritious, whole food safely to people? Who in their right mind would waste all that food? Does it all trickle down to money? No one can definitively say, but you know Wisconsin is “America’s Dairyland”, right? The government subsidized $447,082,000 to dairy farmers in 2012. Do you think they want competition for those subsidized commercial dairy farms? Um, no.

Inheritance Tax

Joel Salatin, a popular farmer and activist in Virginia has a 550 acre working farm – Polyface Farm. His parents bought the farm in 1961 for $49,000. After years of investing blood, sweat, tears and a lot of money, his farm is valued at $1.5 million. It’s not any bigger and hasn’t changed in any way except its productive capacity.

With the new legislation introduced by president Obama in 2010, he stands to owe the government more than half million dollars when his mother passes away. Talk about praying for mom to live a loooong life! I don’t know many people that have liquid assets enough to pay a tax like that just to keep what’s already theirs or anyone excited about mortgaging a farm to pay an inheritance tax.

What is wrong with our government? I’d like to have a one on one with the nincompoop who proposed this legislation. If this is freedom, then I opt out.








Organic Certification

Commercial farms using all types of chemical fertilizers and pesticides which are detrimental to our health are free to distribute their foods with no mention of the poisons included in their products.

Organic farms with families trying to do the right thing and provide healthy, unadulterated foods for the masses are put through red tape, bureaucracy, a rigorous certification program and paying through the nose in order to not use poisonous chemicals. Even if a farm is organic but has not subscribed to this idiocy and paid off the government, they cannot legally sell their produce as organic.

Let me recap this for you, folks. To sell produce and food sprayed with dangerous chemicals – free and easy. To sell produce and food not sprayed with dangerous chemicals – costly and difficult. Makes no sense.




Our healthcare industry (or “sickcare” as I like to call it) is a mess. In bed with our government, insurance companies and politicians get together and decide what we should eat, what vaccinations we should get and how we should care for ourselves. Rather than focusing on causes and cures, (food and lifestyle) they focus on treatment and symptom management. (pills) If we all figure out what causes our illnesses and fix ourselves, there’s no money left for anyone to make from us taking medicines, getting vaccinations and going to the doctor every time we sneeze the wrong way.

Did you know in most hospitals, women are not allowed to leave with their placenta? I’m not saying I particularly want to box mine up and take it home for dinner, but by golly if someone else wants to, that’s her right! It came out of her body and she created it. Why in Heaven’s name can she not have it?

Newborns are also required by law to receive antibiotic eye ointment and a vitamin K shot immediately after birth. Most hospitals routinely give a Hepatitis B shot at the same time. I’m pretty sure humankind survived just fine for thousands of years before antibiotic eye ointment was invented. When couples do raise a stink and refuse unnecessary treatments, they are routinely turned in to Child Protective Services for investigation. Seriously?

Freedom Isn’t Free

This has been a random and eclectic sampling of my current gripes with our government, but all these little parts represent a whole of dysfunction in our society and government. I’m sure everyone can recall some specific time when they really questioned the efficacy of a certain law or pondered why something was illegal.

Our government, like The Blob has mutated and bubbled out of control. If we continue to take these injustices sitting down, letting an elite group of psychopaths rule our country; manufacturing our consent through the propaganda of the media, we will soon find ourselves as Winston did in Nineteen Eighty Four. Hiding from Big Brother in an alcove, illegally writing in a journal, hoping someone in the future will be able to figure a way out.

We are indoctrinated from Kindergarten that Freedom isn’t free. Someone has to fight for us and protect us. Someone has to march around the world and force everyone into compliance so that we can be “safe”. Indeed, freedom is not free. We’re all paying with our health, our free agency, our hard earned cash and ultimately our individual freedom. 

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One thought on “Land of the Free? Next thing I know I’ll be wearing gov’t issued underwear

  1. Hi Jesi. You are right in that we do have a lot of problems in our country today, and that our government has become even more intrusive. There is a ‘nanny state’ attitude with many people thinking that the government should take care of them. And, the government definitely has a role in protecting us and preserving our freedoms. Many of us see those freedoms slipping away each day.

    However, I must say, that this country is the best country in the world, ever, throughout all history. It has always had the hand of God on it. As we turn away from Him, we seal our fate as a nation. If we turn back to him, as a nation, we can change our destiny, as a nation.

    I too get frustrated with many of the things that are wrong in our country today. However, I never want to lose sight of what a great nation it is, and how blessed I am to be here.

    When we listen to the stories of those who came from other countries, the hardships they had to endure at the hands of evil leaders, we can truly be grateful for what we have. However, we must be willing to stand up for our freedoms and preserve them. That is the hard part. We need to elect honest, hardworking, people to represent us in Washington and in our state capitals. And then we need to support those people in doing the job we sent them to do.

    There is no overnight solution to the predicaments we find ourselves in.

    You are also right in that freedom isn’t free. Many, many people have given their lives so that you and I can ‘rant’ as we desire. It really isn’t about forcing others into compliance. It is about keeping the battle off of our soil. I am not saying that there haven’t been many mistakes made in the name of freedom, but ultimately, we are still a nation of free people, and not ruled by evil dictators.

    Okay, I know I have rambled a bit here, but I know you like feedback.

    Thanks for listening.
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