Only at the Baby Ranch…

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Funny stuff from the Abernathy Baby Ranch today:

1. Leaves fall into the category of “best toy ever”.

2. Had to take an impromptu jaunt to Lowe’s to buy a new refrigerator because the other one is choking and taking its last breaths. No fridge in a family this big is almost as bad as no toilet.

3. Returned home to a plumbing clog on one side of the house. The side with one of the bathrooms and the kitchen. So, I have no sink, no dishwasher and down one toilet and tub until at least tomorrow. In a family this big, it’s almost as bad as having no fridge.

4. While fiddling around with the clogged, poopy toilet, one twin (who shall remain nameless) removed his diaper and gave it to the the other twin, who luckily, came promptly to tattle. Upon locating the diaperless twin, I found him naked, both hands full of poop, sticking them through the fence and feeding the dogs who were most happy to eat the fresh poo poo. The nameless twin turned excitedly to me and said, “They like it!”

5. While on the way home from the fridge buying fiasco, I stopped by the local dairy to buy our weekly 10 gallons of raw milk (our monthly milk budget could buy a new car) and the dairy owner was helping me load. He pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and said, “You’re religious. I’m going to share this with you.”

He went on to tell me he has a cross hanging in his room that someone gave him when his son was killed in a car accident. The cross says, “Hello, this is God. I’m going to be taking care of all your problems today, so rest easy. Have a blessed day.”

He told me he thought I needed to hear that and with leaking eye-holes, I thanked him and and headed on my way.

It sure was a sweet little reminder to be thankful and appreciate all my gifts and blessings and make each day count.

Some days, we have to laugh so we don’t cry. Today, I’m just grateful for all the little butts to clean and toilets to unclog and fridges to fill with food for all my tiny humans. ❤️

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