What’s This All About?

There is no one, absolute way to live, eat or be healthy. I consider myself a bit of a social butterfly of the ideas of the world. I’m usually willing to try most things at least once – unless it’s like, an olive oil enema – in which case I’m probably going to pass.

I’m infinitely fascinated by all people, lifestyles and walks of life and will devour any information I can get about anyone or anything. I especially like to read and study people or topics that I know I disagree with because I’ve found these people and places are where I learn the most about the world and myself.

I pick and choose the best parts of everything I find and create my own utopian world inside my home. I do my best to live purposefully and instinctually. I innately reject surviving life. I search for the tools and knowledge I need to thrive.

What you will find here

  • Mine is the Jack of all Blogs. I do a lot things, but I am a master of nothing. This is the sharing of my journey.
  • My sometimes politically incorrect thoughts on; politics, religion, food, parenting, education, homeschooling, healthcare, health in general, home-life and marriage, to name a few.
  • Satire and sarcasm – if you read something here you cannot imagine I’d really say or believe; read it again, check the subtext – I’m probably being sarcastic or speaking satirically.
  • Defiance of convention.
  • Ideas your doctor will advise against.
  • Ideas your mother-in-law will advise against.
  • A family who eats butter, cheese, raw milk, fat, fermented foods, bread, meat and lots of fruit and vegetables. No politically correct nutrition bollox allowed.
  • Discussion of taboo subjects like age, weight, race, bathroom habits, religion and politics.
  • Ideas and posts that will likely offend you at some point in our relationship.
  • A whole-hearted attempt to live a natural, chemical-free lifestyle.
  • Adherence to the 80/20 rule. I make my best effort to live what I deem “healthy” at least 80% of the time. 20% of the time, I will be running around like crazy, going to the McDonald’s drive-through or bribing my kids with candy and feeling insanely guilty about it. I don’t freak out if my kids get treats at church or take my own food everywhere and alienate everyone I know.
  • The worldview of a sarcastic-borderline-cynical, white, Mormon, 30-something, homeschooling mom of 4 girls. Take it or leave it.

What you will not find here

  • A pastel, ego-stroking soiree for health nuts, homeschoolers, religious folks or any other kind of nut.
  • Political correctness. I do my best to be as socially acceptable as is possible and offend the least amount of people possible, but sometimes I fall flat. Very flat.
  • Pad medical myths or socially acceptable remedies.
  • Encouraging excess in anything…except maybe breastfeeding or coconut oil. I think life is about balance, variety and moderation.
  • A guru to follow or subscription to one exact mantra on any subject.
  • Fat-free preaching or a vendetta against grains, dairy or meat.
  • A devotion to any one style of eating – you may find one or all of the following types of eating philosophies integrated into my recipes; paleo, primal, gluten-free, vegetarian, traditional, real, organic, whole foods. I’m all about Weston A. Price
  • A Pinterest-Perfect version of my life. Let’s keep it real.

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